1105th Dukhrono of St. Raban (Chennithala)


1105th Dukhrono of St. Raban (Chennithala) on 09 August 2010



Mor Raban Erampachen is came to Malankara from “Cheema” on AD 905 (Malayalam Era 80) with Metrapolitan H.G.Dhanaha (Kadambanadu) and other two Ramban Mor Yaunan (Udayamperroor) and Mor Aban (Thevalakkara).


Holy tomb of Mor Laban Erambachen is located near Chennithala St.George Horeb Jacobite Church. Its known as “Erampachante Nada” Now it is a public property and under the management of 14 familys of Nadayil Kudumbam. The priets and bishops under the faith of Antioch are the officials for feats of Erampachen. Main feats is on Karkidakam 25 (August) and December 05


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