Evangelization and social justice belong together, says WCC representative



Bishop Geevarghese Mor Coorilos, from India, voiced a “growing concern that the prophetic voice [of the church] has been gradually diminishing in ecumenical circles including the World Council of Churches (WCC)”. Coorilos is the moderator of the WCC’s Commission on World Mission and Evangelism. Speaking at the 2-6 June Edinburgh 2010 Conference, Coorilos said that “a false dichotomy between evangelical and ecumenical strands [of Christianity] is irrelevant”. However, he warned that “attempts at widening the ecumenical umbrella” should not dilute the “prophetic dimensions of mission”. “Passion for evangelism and quest for social justice should be held together”, he said. The Edinburgh 2010 international gathering commemorates the hundredth anniversary of the landmark 1910 World Mission Conference which took place in the same city and is widely considered the symbolic starting point of the modern ecumenical movement. Some 300 delegates from over 60 countries and virtually all Christian traditions are attending the event.


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