It's denial of justice, say Jacobites (Indian Express)


The Jacobite Syrian Christian Church faction leadership alleged that justice was denied to them in the issue of the dispute over the ownership of Kolenchery St peter’s and St Paul’s Church.  In a press conference at Kochi on Tuesday, Metropolitan Kuriakose Mar Theophilose of the Jacobite Church  alleged that  the orthodox faction was using pressure tactics on the government and the authorities concerned to get things in favour of them.


“Even the court had held that the dispute  between the  Jacobite and the Orthodox churches could never  be settled through litigation and it may be solved through talks outside the court. The Jacobite Church was ready  to implement the suggestion  put forward by the court, but it was not acceptable for the Orthodox faction. Instead,  they used pressure tactics to get favourable decision from the government,” Mar Theophilose said.



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