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The younger generation of the Church born and brought up outside Kerala is seen to be perplexed when they hear the prayers and hymns in Church prepared in Malayalam, as they are unable to read the Malayalam manuscript in its original form. To avoid this dilemna, the Common Prayers of the Jacobite Church has been compiled in an App form for use in Android based smartphones for the tech-savvy generation of today. The app ‘JACOBITE PRAYERS’ includes the Transliteration (Manglish) of Sadharana Namaskaram and the Pampakuda version, and also its English translation. (Includes Great Lent Prayers also).


This app has been developed by Mathew Thomas (Shaji), a member of St. Ignatius JS Church, Marol, Mumbai. Hope this app will help the younger generation of the Church to follow the liturgy of prayers better and promote divine presence in their family life. The app can be downloaded for FREE from Android market.




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