Mor Coorilos Geevarghese attends WCC-CWM meeting on "Ubuntu" in Bostwana



Metropolitan Mor Coorilos Geevarghese attended a three days conference on “Ubuntu” (African concept of inter-relationship between human beings), jointly organised by the WCC and the Council for World Mission (CWM) In Kanye, Bostwana in Southern Africa from August 23-27, 2010. Thirteen leading theologians and church leaders from differnt countries attended this “think-tank” meeting. The conference included visits to rehabilitation centres for HIV-AIDS affected people and talks by tribal chiefs in the setting of “kgotla” (the traditional place where the clans meet and discuss and decide on issues).




Pictures here show the visits to the HIV-AIDS rehab centres, the meeting at the ‘kgotla’ and a group photo of the participants, in front of a traditional hut and meeting place made purely of mud.


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