'Nada Thurakkal' ceremony at Manacradu St Mary’s Cathedral.


The famous ‘Nada Thurakkal’ opening of the sanctum sanctorum to enable the devotees to venerate the holy portrait of mother with child Jesus in her hand held at 11.20 AM today 07 September 2013 at Manacradu St Mary’s Cathedral. His Beatitude Catholicose Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I will lead the ‘Nada Thurakkal’ ceremony.

Tradition says that when Moran Mor Ignatius Pathrose IV visited Manarcad church, His Holiness saw the picture of Mother of God with the child Jesus Christ in the eastern wall of the Holy Madbaha .According to the Tur abadin tradition, it is not advisable to place pictures in the Madbaha. His Holiness objected to this .The faithful in Manarcad church went and requested HH for an excuse. Moran seeing the faith of the people, took a more humane view .Orthodoxy as i know is not legalistic but is based more on love . His Holiness asked the faithful to cover the picture and allowed them to open it for public viewing , one week in a year.



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