Prayer meeting held at the tomb of blessed Mother Teresa

His Grace Issac Mor Osthatheose, the Metropolitan of the Delhi & Mylapore Dioceses of our Church was in Kolkata from 17th to 23rd June 2014. The programmes attended by His Grace included meeting of the Governing Council of the Christian Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA), visit to the tomb of the Blessed Mother Teresa, meeting with the members of the Kolkata Parish, etc. His Grace also conducted a prayer meeting at the Tomb of the Blessed Mother Teresa which was attended by Rev. Fr. Paulose Chathoth, the Vicar of the St. Mary’s J.S.O. Church, Kolkata and most of its members. His Grace started the message with the storey of the Good Samaritan from the Holy Bible. Apart from explaining the geographical background of Samariah, Jerusalem, etc., he explained the good work done by the Samaritan in saving the Jew, who was robbed and assaulted by the thieves. Further, H.G. called upon the members present to learn from the great sacrifices of Mother Teresa who were helping the poorest of the poor including lepers in the city and also reminded the members about their duty to help the poor and needy”.

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  1. thank you very much for publishing important church events in this.

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