…."Metran Kakshi" build upon and living on lies….


“Devalokam Society” officially claimed in their news service that 3 lakh internet viewers watched  their program held at Kottayam recently live. They used “Freedocast”, which is a free streaming service and even a child knows above said numbers are not supported by them. Also they don’t offer the bandwidth to support the claimed numbers. We got the official confirmation from “freedocast” that, at any cost they never support more than 1000 viewers at a time. Again they proved they are big blown balloon. The day this balloon is going to blast is not too far away.


Claim of “Metran Kakshi” official news service :  Read

Response from another Metran kakshi news service “orthodox Herald”:  Read

Official report from “Freedocast” Read We would like to add a bonus of some 1000 users as it was a festival for them.



As usual “Devalokam” fanatics claimed thousands of times the real situation. Same happened last year when they conducted “Maha Sammelanam” in Kottayam town too. Thank God, this time they did not claim 25 lakh viewership for the program through their “freedocast service”. We assume remaining 22 lakh faithful of “Metran kakshi” were watching the program live at Elia Cathedral. Funny part is that “Metran Kakshi” ordered 7500 Biriyani for the faithful coming to participate in ordination & 1500 Biriyani was balance after the ceremony. Did “Feeding the multitude” “miracle of the five loaves and two fish” happened again???? Even the famous Kottayam Thirunakkara ground can’t accommodate more than 6000 people at a time, so we wonder how they accommodated this much of crowd at Elia cathedral premises.


This is how IOC leaders always makes fool of their ignorant people…. Hope this group of excommunicated will open their eyes one day to see the facts….

Some facts…

First Internet TV & Radio ever since launched in the history from Malankara is Malankara Vision & Radio Malankara which is the internet TV & Radio of Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church. Requested to visit. www.radiomalankara.org  & www.malankaravision.org  . All important programs including the recent Bishop ordinations of JSOC, Manjanikkara Perunnals, Manarcad Perunnals, North Paravoor Perunnal, Puthencuriz “Akila Malankara Convention” was live in these media. Malankara Vision & Radio Malankara is running on two dedicated servers with paid streaming softwares, supported by highly skilled team. Any one runs on free service can not match the skills of internet platform of JSOC.


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