"Metran Kakshi" (Self proclaimed Indian Orthodox people) violated Court order at Kurinji St. Peter's & St. Paul's JSOC…..


“Metran Kakshi” (Self proclaimed Indian Orthodox people) violated Court order at Kurinji St. Peter’s & St. Paul’s JSOC….. RDO filed case against “Metran Kakshi” for violating the court orders……….

The Metran Kakshis have shown their ugly face again and proved once again that they can go to any extent to create problems in the Church. Metran Kakshis, who depend on Courts for anything and everything consider themselves above the court orders and law.

Today’s incidents at Kurinji St. Peter’s & St. Paul’s JSO Church proves this once again. The Metran Kakshi media, who are experts in twisting facts and misguiding people has shown how ‘Yellow” their so called internet journalism is. Pathetic !


What happened in Kurinji is this…. Last week, the Metran Kakshis had approached the Court asking to allow them conduct Penta – Mass in Kurinji Church on the Perunnal day. In Kurinji Church they have rights to offer qurbana on alternate sundays ( due to the tracheary of Athanasios ). This years Perunnal at the Church falls in their share. They approached the court to offer them police protection to offer the Penta – Mass in the church. The court rejected their appeal and strictly ordered them that no priest other than the court approved Metran kakshi priest can enter the church and offer Qurbana. Their request for police protection was summarily rejected. The Metran Kakshi media who are masters in the act of lying ( something which is a legacy left over to them by the founder of their church ) had twisted the facts and reported a lie. MSV had reported and exposed this lie of theirs earlier.


What they could not achieve through courts, they tried to achieve through force.


Today morning, around 07.00 am ( so early ?) their Metran Polycarpose along with a few ‘goondas’ arrived at the church premises. There were hardly 4 to 5 Jacobites present in the church at that time. The people who came along with Polycarpose manhandled the Jacobites present in the church premises and forcefully entered the church. They immediately started enacting a drama inside the church ( and they call it Qurbana ). By this time the Jacobites in the area gathered in the church and asked them to go out of the Church. The Metrann Kakshis continued with their drama. Police arrived in the church premises. Our request to move these people out of our church was not accepted by the police saying that they cannot enter the Madbaha of the church. Once they finished with their drama, which they finished in a hurry, they were escorted out of the church by the police. It was after this that our Bishops HG Mor Ivanos and HG Mor Athanasios arrived in the Church.

The RDO arrived at the church and held a meeting with both parties. He warned them and strongly admonished the metran kakshis for having violated the court order. RDO has filed a case against the Metran kakshis for having violated the court order.


The interesting part is that, today RDO had called for a meeting of the two sides and the meeting was scheduled at 11.00 am. But the intention of metran kakshis in forcefully creating a situation in the church before the meeting with the RDO is self explanatory. Another funny side of the whole episode is that the Metran kakshis who accompanied Polycarpose came with two sets of dress – one set good one with which they came another set of one torn ones which they put on when the Police started arriving.


The way in which everything happened proves beyond doubt that it was pre-planned.

Polycarpose, who is a complete failure for Metran Kakshis in Ankamaly ( as per Metran Kakshis themselves ) is desperately looking for such issues to come into limelight and increase his stature among Metran Kakshis. So it is no wonder that he made full use of the opportunity.


The RDO has handed over the keys of the Church to the trustee of Kurinji JSOC.



:- MSV News

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