..The latest trick of Metran Kakshis..


We think that the Metran Kakshis are short of ideas and their level of desperation has reached new heights.


One of the allegations they raised against our building a Church in Parumala was that we have made a website in the name of Parumala Pally, which is their ‘trademark’. When people think only about money, everything will seem as money making efforts to them.


The latest is that the Metran Kakshis, who accuse us of having registered a website in the name of Parumala church have registered a website in the name of our Manarcad Church. The web link of the same is http://manarcadpalli.org/


But on clicking the above link, you are in for a surprise.. The website that opens is that of Metran kakshi Parumala church.


Their level of desperation is shown on their online blogs. On these blogs, they are creating fake identities in the names of Jacobites – especially Jacobites who write regularly in SOCM – Forum and using these fake identities to badmouth Jacobite Church and the Jacobite media. We understand that this is a cheap gimmick since they cannot face us with truth. Such desperation on their part is another sign that they are built on a lie and the process of justifying this lie is still not over.


Nobody can match the Metran Kakshi crookedness


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