Teachings of Milithious Of Mannuthy 1995

Here attaching the audio file In 1995 Miltius of Mannuthi teach us



1)      IOC  in not an independent church

2)      IOC is division of Universal Syrian orthodox church

3)      Patriarch is Primate of Malanakara church not catholicose

4)      Parishes must be ruled by Parishioners not by bishops, Catholicos

5)      Each Parishes has their own constitution

6)      1934 only for common asset

7)      1934 constitution is against the merit of Mulanthuruthy synod

8)      Bishops should be elected by people, not by number of churches

9)      Bishops should be ordained by the permission of Patriarch so their

Mathews II Bava is self ordained Bava  (Same Militios tirumeni

ordained in the midnight at Devalokam Didimos Valia Bava without

convening Association)

10)     Government cannot implement Court judgment

11)     1958 merging  will not repeat at any cost

Now Present IOC Contradictory Miltios is telling what…..

Really shame……..


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